Thanks to Matt (of The Writings, Verse, and Reviews of R.R. Howroar) for the review!

unnamed (1)My favorite line: “This rhyming story from its highly educated author is a showcase in originality and precision.”

^b/c that decade of higher education *does* count for something! Ha! Thanks, Matt, for giving a shout-out to my grad degrees, says all those dear ones (mom&dad&hubby) who helped pay for them. 😉 You are a doll.

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Thanks to Melissa (of The Stay-At-Home Life) for a touching review! And, YO HO, M2!


My favorite lines: “That night at bedtime, she curled up in my lap and to my amazement, listened to every word. She even pointed out different animals, characters and items in the book — without me prompting her. When we finished, she immediately wanted to read it again. I couldn’t believe it. Not only was she sitting nicely in my lap looking at the book I was reading, she was interacting with it, repeating some of the words AND asked for the story again.” Read the full review HERE.